First-Year Student Enrollment Guide

Thanks for choosing to attend 澳门老奇人论坛. We think you've made a smart choice! This website is designed to include everything you need to get started on a successful collegiate career at 澳门老奇人论坛.

Using this Guide

Please use this First-Year Enrollment Guide in conjunction with the enrollment checklist in your . You will use the Admissions Portal to submit your Enrollment Profile and Register for Great Beginnings.

You may also view your Network User ID, Student User ID Number, and 澳门老奇人论坛 email address within the Admissions Portal. This is the same place you went to submit your enrollment deposit online. If you forgot your password or email, feel free to reach out to your Admissions Counselor and they can reset it for you. 

Please note: You will use the email address you used at the time of application to access this portal. 

Be Sure to Access your Network Account

Your network account allows you to log on to all campus computers and access important online systems and 澳门老奇人论坛 apps. You will use your network account to complete your housing application, access the patient portal, and submit your health history and immunization forms.

First Time Log In

About Your Network Account User ID

Your Network User ID (which is also available in your ) is three initials, a zero, and the last 4 digits of your 澳门老奇人论坛 Student User ID Number (often referred to as the @number). If you do not have a middle initial, use your first and last name initials. For example, if your name is John Robert Smith and your Student User ID Number is @00376483, your Network User ID would be jrs06483. If your name is Jane Smith and your Student User ID Number is @00487594, your Network User ID would be js07594.

Resetting Your Password

To access your network account, you will need to use your Network User ID. You are required to change your password before using any online campus resources. Your initial password has a specific format:

  • The first letter of your FIRST NAME (lower case) +
  • The character "!" +
  • The first letter of your LAST NAME (lower case) +
  • The character "$" +
  • The first 2 digits of the last 4 numbers of your ID # +
  • The character " # " +
  • The last 2 digits of the last 4 numbers of your ID
  • The character "*" +
  • The 2 digits of your birth month

Example of initial password: a!b$12#34*01

Please note: If you included a preferred first name in your application, please try that initial as the first letter of your FIRST NAME when accessing your account for the first time.

To refer to these instructions while creating your initial password, you may want to open the following link in a new tab. 

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Submit Your Enrollment Profile


Filling out your Enrollment Profile will help us verify your information and develop a schedule of first-year courses that meets your academic interests and goals. Enrollment in first-year courses is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, please  and submit it as soon as possible.

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Order Your Textbooks

 is the University's official online bookstore with options for new or used materials, digital versions, rentals, and more. Convenient, accessible, and affordable, allows you to view and order your course materials in one place.

Fill Out Your Housing Application

Complete the housing application on ResLife Online ASAP. Housing assignments will be available in early August.

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Request Your ID Card

Use the GET app to request your initial ID card. Once you have registered for classes, follow the instructions to request your ID

Residential Students: You'll receive your ID with your room key during move-in when you check in at your residence hall.

Commuter Students: You'll receive your ID from the Student Engagement and Leadership Team at check-in for Orientation.

Apply for First-Year Residential Student Parking

There is limited parking available on the 澳门老奇人论坛 campus. First-year residential students must apply for approval to park on campus. First-year residential student parking may be available on a limited basis behind Murphy Hall with Parking Committee approval. First-year commuter students do not need to request approval for parking. 

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Send in Final High School Transcripts

Due July 15, 2024

Please request your final high school transcript to be sent from your high school directly to 澳门老奇人论坛 after your graduation. Transcripts may be submitted via the Common Application or

Send in College Transcripts and AP/IB Reports

Due July 15, 2024

Official college transcripts must be requested from the institution you completed the courses through, and official AP or IB score reports must be requested from the testing organization.

Once these are received by the Office of Admissions, they will be reviewed, and credit may be awarded.

Provide Immunization Records

Due July 15, 2024

You must provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, and meningococcal meningitis. Please upload your immunization record from your medical provider to the . Instructions for entering and uploading your information are in the portal.

Provide Health History Information

Due July 19, 2024

Before your first visit to the Health and Wellness Center, you must complete the following forms in the :

  • Health History Form
  • Insurance information
  • A physical exam (A physical is required for athletes, please see the information you’ve received from athletics)
  • Consent to Treat and Privacy Acknowledgement
  • Under 18 Medical Consent Form (Only for students under 18 years of age)
  • Wegmans Pharmacy Prescription Delivery Form

Complete Financial Aid Requirements

Log in to Fish 'R' Net to accept or decline financial aid, complete loan entrance counseling, review outstanding financial aid requirements, and more.

To access Fish 'R' Net, you will need your Student User ID Number which begins with the @ symbol (this number is also available in your ). If this is your first time accessing Fish 'R' Net, your first-time pin is your birthday in mmddyy format.

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Settle Your Bill

Due July 25, 2024

Your bill for the fall semester will be generated in Fish 'R' Net by the end of June and must be paid in full by the end of July. If someone will be helping you settle your bill (parent, family member, etc.), be sure to set them up as an Authorized Payer so they receive billing information. Instructions on how to set up an Authorized Payer can be found in the 澳门老奇人论坛Pay Guide.

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Are you participating as a member of one of 澳门老奇人论坛's Division III sports teams? You will need to complete additional paperwork and provide additional health information.

Learn More:

  • Read the Student-Athlete Information page in its entirety, as it contains information that affects your eligibility to participate in athletics.

Save the Date for Welcome Weekend and Fall Orientation

Mark your calendar for August 31 - September 3.

View the Orientation website for schedules and more information. 

Access Handshake

Go to mySJF and log in to Handshake with your 澳门老奇人论坛 credentials

As a deposited student, you can now use Handshake, our career management system. Log into to access Handshake where you can find job postings (on-campus jobs too!), internship announcements, and career events like employer info session days, campus interviewing, and job fests. Handshake also gives you access to a variety of self-guided materials on writing a college-level resume, doing a job or internship search, interviewing well, and applying to graduate school. You can even make a profile in Handshake so employers can find you!

On-campus jobs will be posted in late August, including those for work-study. Check Handshake daily to see fresh opportunities.

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Proud Home of a Future 澳门老奇人论坛 Cardinal Lawn Sign

If you've completed all of these steps, you are ready to begin your 澳门老奇人论坛 experience. If you still need assistance, please call the Office of Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or contact your counselor. We can't wait to welcome you home!

Show your 澳门老奇人论坛 pride by downloading a printable "Proud Home of a Future 澳门老奇人论坛 Cardinal" sign.