About First-Year Classes

Your first-semester schedule includes major and required core courses. You'll review your schedule at Great Beginnings.

Your First Semester Course Schedule: Enrollment Profile

An academic advisor will use your academic record and your to develop a first semester schedule to reflect your interests and course requirements. Please complete your Enrollment Profile to increase the number of course options that fit your preferences and needs.

Learning Communities

All students take a Learning Community as an integral part of the first-year experience. Your Learning Community is a pair of courses that focus on a broader societal theme. Through this approach to learning, you'll examine a complex topic from multiple perspectives and discover connections between various disciplines. Since class sizes are designed for collaboration and you are in both courses with the same peers, you will learn cooperatively and develop relationships with other students and faculty easing your transition to college life.

Note: Learning Communities are not associated with your major. Given the common learning goals and outcomes, all Learning Community courses meet graduation requirements and are appropriate for all students regardless of major.

Major Courses

If you have already chosen a major, you will be placed in one or more courses required for that major. If you haven't declared a major yet, you will be placed in one or more courses related to the majors of interest you selected on your Enrollment Profile. Even if you eventually change majors, the courses you take now will count toward your overall degree requirements.

First-Year Seminar

Your first semester course schedule will include ITDY 101 - First-Year Seminar. This one-credit course will provide you with an orientation to college life and a support system intended to foster academic success and personal growth. You will also begin to develop a long-range academic plan and a college-level resume.

Your seminar instructors will be your first-year advisor and a specially-trained peer mentor. In addition to teaching this course, your advisor will: approve your course selections; advise you on degree requirements; monitor your academic progress; encourage you to utilize campus resources; and help explore, identify, and attain your goals. Your peer mentor, who is an upper-level undergraduate student, will provide helpful academic tips, encourage campus involvement, and connect you to other students within the campus community.

Additional Notes on Course Selection

Course Load

Most students take five three-credit courses each semester, and the one-credit First-Year Seminar. If you are enrolled in any four-credit courses (such as calculus or most science courses), you may be enrolled in only four courses plus First-Year Seminar. A full-time course load is 12 or more total credits.