First-Year Student Parking Policy

There is limited parking available on the 澳门老奇人论坛 campus. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the number of first-year residential students who are allowed to park on campus.

Our priority in assigning parking spots on campus is for commuters and resident students who have internships, student teaching placements, or other off-campus commitments that are related to their educational program. Typically, these resident students are in their junior or senior year at 澳门老奇人论坛.

However, first-year residential student parking will be available on a limited basis at Murphy Hall with University approval. First-year resident students seeking campus parking should . 

First-year commuter students, and residential students who have been approved for a parking pass, must purchase a parking permit through the Office of Safety and Security. More information about registering your vehicle can be found on the Parking Information page.