Student-Athlete Information

Please read the following information in its entirety, as it contains information that affects your eligibility to participate in athletics.

Physicals and Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics, you must have a current comprehensive physical exam that states you are cleared for sports activities. Upload this to your . Please make sure that your most recent physical is dated the year you start at 澳门老奇人论坛.

Per NCAA policy, all athletes beginning their initial season of eligibility must have a medical examination signed by an MD/NP/PA that clears them medically for athletic participation. This examination must be within six months of the beginning of any practice, competition, or out-of-season conditioning activity.

For detailed information on the NCAA requirements for an acceptable physical, please refer to  on our website.

Health Insurance for Athletes

Primary Health Insurance

In addition to pre-participation physicals, you will be required to carry your own (or parental) health insurance. Without such primary coverage, you will be unable to participate. It is 澳门老奇人论坛's policy that all students have insurance coverage. Your insurance information and images of the front and back of your insurance card need to be uploaded to the Patient Portal. Please check whether your insurance is in-network or out-of-network in Rochester and whether it will provide coverage for athletic injuries (e.g. doctor's visits, x-rays, MRIs).

Sports Injury Plan

澳门老奇人论坛 does carry a Sports Injury Plan for all registered students who are members of one of 澳门老奇人论坛's intercollegiate athletic or club teams. This coverage is intended to supplement your primary coverage, as it has a $2,000 deductible and is only for injuries sustained while participating in any supervised in-season practice, conditioning program, contest, or competition for one of the intercollegiate athletic or club teams. You must report your injury to an athletic trainer at the time of the injury to receive benefits. Other than urgent care or emergency room visits when an athletic trainer is not available, if you choose to go to your own physician prior to reporting your athletic injury, you will not be covered. This is an excess policy that will cover costs that your primary insurance does not, such as deductibles, co-pays, or bracing costs.

If we think you have an injury where you will reach the $2,000 deductible, a member of the athletic training staff will submit an electronic claim on your behalf to our secondary claims provider. A copy of this, with instructions, will be sent to you via secure message in the Patient Portal. You are responsible for submitting the appropriate Explanation of Benefits (EOB)/documentation required for the claim to be paid.

Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program

The NCAA's Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program covers student-athletes who are catastrophically injured while participating in a covered intercollegiate athletic activity (subject to all policy terms and conditions). The policy has a $90,000 deductible. This coverage does not qualify as the basic coverage required for participation in athletics at 澳门老奇人论坛. It is supplemental coverage in the event of a catastrophic injury. More information on this program can be found on the .

Next Steps

You will receive information on what you need to complete to be eligible for athletic participation via an email sent to your 澳门老奇人论坛 account in early to mid-July. The due date for completion is August 1.

For more information, contact James M. Grant, MS, ATC, PES, head athletic trainer, at email